Have you had a rough time trying to make small talk with your friends, date or someone you just met? I am not talking about the random guys at the office or school who always look like the world opened and wants to swallow them. I am talking about people you just met and you’re just talking to yourself: “what random questions can I ask this person?”

Truth is, creating meaningful small talk or chats is tough. I will tell you one thing that makes conversations so easy: reading books. However, because you might not have time to read for, we have a list of interesting random questions you can ask someone to starve off boredom or to just have fun. Yes, you can use them on a new date; just don’t let your date see you read this stuff off your phone.

Into the random questions list below:

  1. How do some people handle foods with a lot of spices while others can’t?
  2. Sounds like a stupid question but, is there a physical marker that warns you about moving to a different time zone?
  3. Do you speak Hindu?
  4. If you had a super power, which one would it be?
  5. If you had the chance to sacrifice one of your friends, who would it be?
  6. If today was your last day one earth, what would you do?
  7. What scares you and why?
  8. Hey dude, do you know Jesus?

When it comes to cars, everyone has their own liking. However, by looking at the situation critically, the top reasons why people we discovered around people are decisions to buy cars border around the following.

Beliefs and lifestyle

All of us have different beliefs and lifestyles and we want cars that complement these. For example, corporate bankers in Kenya love the NZE’s, Toyotas; government ministers prefer buying the Volkswagen Passat model while the cops love the land rovers and land cruisers; the 24-35 age groups in Nairobi love their Subaru’s white and blue…the list is endless. Our choices for cars in our lives, for some, are just around beliefs and the lifestyles we live.

To get from point A to point B

Some people don’t buy cars for any other reason- to simply move from point A to point B; cars are that simple for them, no fuss. These consumers see cars as mere tools of transportation from one place to another. No further explanations.

Friends, neighbors and/or co-workers

Believe it or not, a large majority of people buy cars because of their Friends, neighbors and/or co-workers. They want what their friends have; if a friend buys a Subaru today, tomorrow they will own a green one or a newer model. It’s all about measuring up for this group; competing even. Its extremely dangerous to be in this group of buyers.

Social status

Let’s face it, when you buy your car, status changes. People expect a lot more from you just because you drive and didn’t jav to a given place. People buy cars because of social status; nothing to it. CEO’s can’t be seen driving dilapidated Toyota cars. When you buy your car, depending on who you are in society, it’s a statement of your social status.

How do you KNOW that your partner is cheating on you? There are in fact 2 definitely apparent indications of extramarital affairs … indicators which can show absolutely nothing else other you’re your partner being unfaithful. And if you see among these indicators, my bet is that you will certainly see the other, as long as you keep your eyes open, that is.

A red Face

This is real whether your considerable other is a guy or a lady. A red or flushed face on a guy shows that he has actually taken Viagra in the previous numerous hours. Now the side impacts of Viagra dissipate over time, so you would have to observe the red or flushed face when you at first see your guy, right when he strolls through the entrance of your home.

How do you KNOW that your partner is cheating on you? There are in fact 2 definitely apparent indications of extramarital affairs … indicators which can show absolutely nothing else other you’re your partner being unfaithful. And if you see among these indicators, my bet is that you will certainly see the other, as long as you keep your eyes open, th

A red Face

This is real whether your considerable other is a guy or a lady. A red or flushed face on a guy shows that he has actually taken Viagra in the previous numerous hours. Now the side impacts of Viagra dissipate over time, so you would have to observe the red or flushed face when you at first see your guy, right when he strolls through the entrance of your home.

The response is, if her face is red, then within the previous a number of hours she has had a guy rubbing his rough or not-freshly-shaven face upon hers … which (obviously) takes place when they are making love. Most women have a soft skin on their faces; therefore, if a guy is boldy kissing it throughout the course of their sexual encounter, he is most likely kissing her up and down her neck, on her mouth, and on the sides of her face.

Now if you see the red face indicator on either your guy or lady when she or he strolls with the door, do not call them out on it. If your partner is a guy, very first search for the other Viagra negative side effects I discussed above. Next you wish to try to find this other apparent indication of unfaithfulness, which will certainly verify your suspicions.

Going into the shower as soon as they get home

Once again, this holds true whether your partner is a guy or a female. If she or he goes directly for the shower as quickly as they stroll in the door, what exactly do you believe this indicates?

They want to get rid of the scent of the individual they are cheating on you with, be it that individual’s perfume or cologne. Because they’ve simply gotten naked with that individual in the previous numerous hours, the aroma of that individual’s perfume or perfume will certainly exist on them- even after they shower in the hotel or wherever else they banged. You can validate this by offering your partner a long hug as quickly as they stroll with the door, and taking a huge whiff.


You likewise may be able to see if your partner is cheating on you, if your unfaithful partner is relatively careless about covering up exactly what they are doing. If you take a look at their trousers around their zipper (when it come to a guy), you may be able to see some dried out white product. Once more, you will not see that if your partner is making sure, just if they are being very reckless.


Well this one is kind of creepy but a good sign of cheating on you. How can you verify that your partner who simply strolled with the entrance, and headed directly to the shower has among those fragrances upon them? Look initially at their underclothing, turn it completely, then take a look at it and smell it. If she or he is cheating on you, then you ought to have the ability to see and smell the discharge I formerly explained, it will certainly be apparent.

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Technology has come a long way in the television industry from the black and white days to the multi colored screens. However the ripple lies in the plasma screens where most of us find it hard to choose the best among then. Here is a guide that will help you get the best in plasma screens.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

The pioneer models were known to suffer from a variety of functionality problems that have since been replaced. These problems included ghosting and poor colors that often affected the picture quality especially in the big old CTR analog TV models. However some of these quality problems have been dealt with or improved. But out of the three options LCD screens still rank the last in picture quality.

LED (Light-Emitting Diode)

The current LED technology in the market is not what it claims to be but it is just an improvement of the old LCD standard screens that uses LED diodes for backlight generation instead of the CCFL technology that commonly used in LCD.

Compared to former CCFL technology, LED backlight is important as it allows for a thinner panel, low energy uptake, superior contrast and brightness, low heat output and wider view angles. These are possible due the former LCD panel technology that had different light generation method. If it wasn’t for marketing wars aimed at customer attraction the best preferred name would be LCD/LED backlit instead of names like Edge LED used by Sony and others.

It is vital you know that true LED panels are being introduced in the market but with the FAR superiority to LED- back lit only that shares same prices. Clear clarification is needed in any advert carried out to differentiate the two. Currently LED technology is developing a new OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). This is based on organic molecules that produce light when electrified but with superior quality beyond compare to current LED – black lit technology.

PDP (Plasma Display Panel)

This screen technology has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Considering plasma based screen work by using fluorescent lamb cells containing noble gases between them that produce an image when electricity is turned on. In simple words the gas is turned to plasma state. The advantages include; better image quality, superior deep black contrasts, wider view angles, low reflection glare and no ghosting attributed to high refreshing rates.

Disadvantages lie in weight, high electricity consumption when compare to LED and LCD screens, possibilities of a burn in effect when running on a static image and interference with low frequencies especially AM radio. They are the best option for current 3D technology and high demand users.PDP screen rank better than the LCD screens in terms of image quality.

Image is as associated with who you are as a person. We’d love to believe that character rules supreme or that our kindness will unquestionably be valued, however I am here to concur with the legends who stated that “image is everything.” With social networks and the #selfie business being as prominent as they are, individuals are ending up being more worried with how they appear but not how they look.

A great scientist explained it as the requirement to put on an act in front of other individuals. This is since one’s self-image relies greatly on how other individuals view them. We put on masks and act a various means around various individuals.

Why is image so vital? The exact same goes for how we see individuals. Your image can identify things like your profession course and the individual you invest the rest of your life with.

Exactly what requires to be recognized is that individuals do not simply decline individuals for no reason. If you have a bad image that you really want to get rid of, you have to lose it by doing things that will certainly stand out to individuals now. We praise those who have actually handled to keep their great image intact, and make merry with those who have the finest image.

Take care of your image, it could be simply the important things to land you that brand-new promo, or get you the very best track record in your neighborhood.


Many are times when people accidentally mistake their phones for a fish and letting it do some swimming in either of those watery fluids like water or juice. When this happens you immediately get worried when considering the prices involved in replacing the new one or the amount of data you will lose. This however should not be the case since you still have options to salvage your phone in case it drops in water. Here are steps you need to follow.

  1. Take the battery out

From the moment you retrieve your phone in any liquid you might have accidentally drop in, don’t bother switching it on but remove the battery first. Trying to switch it on may result into short circuiting a phenomenon that will further damage your phone. This due to the presence of water in the system and as everybody knows water is a good conductor of electricity.

  1. Remove all the accessories the phone has i.e. SD card and SIM card

Most data on the phone is probably stored in its accessories like the SD and the SIM card. To prevent damage or loss of this data make it a point to quickly remove these accessories as you quickly as you possibly can.

  1. Open up your phone

Although many might find it hard to do this, I suggest you find somebody who can help you. This prevents further seepage of the liquid into the phone preventing further damage to the already fragile phone.

  1. Dry of the water from your phone and its accessories

With a completely dry piece of clothing that can absorb water like many forms of cotton. Dab your wet phone and its accessories clean, removing any water spots that you may see. Wiping is discouraged as this with further spread the water in the cell phone. Whoever in the effort to dry your phone don’t be tempted to use heat producing components like hair dryers.

The heat they produce has the ability to destroy further many of your phones component. And probably this is not part of your plan in salvaging your dying phone.

  1. Put your phone in grains

After you  have done all the above it is time to ensure your phone dries properly and what better way than to put it in dry grains like rice, beans and green grams that can help suck out any moisture that may be remaining as a result of the liquid. Although this might sound awkward it is proven to works. All you need to do is let it stay there for a couple of days, let it be at least 3- 4 days.

In as much as you would prefer to get rid of the excess water avoid using things like salt that are known to have dehydrating effects.

  1. Air dry your phone

This can be an otherwise substitute for point number five. As they work nearly using the same principle, however hear you will be allowing the evaporation of the remaining liquid into the air. This also needs some time; at least three days will be enough to achieve this.

  1. Reassemble and test your phone

After your several days of patiently waiting, it’s time to test your phone to see if the steps worked. Reassemble making sure all the accessories and components are well fixed. Return the battery and switch on, sometimes it may not get back on but all you need to do is remove the battery and return it again.

If the phone fails to start then you will have no option but to buy a new phone since the phone might have suffered more damage than previously thought. Although it is always a rare fate the process of salvaging started early enough therefore never waste time.


Even thought you may love your phone sometimes it is just so hard to take care of it. in most cases you just loose it or throw it on the walls or hard surfaces or in this case accidentally dropping it in water . The most easy way to cover yourself from this vents with your phone is by getting  a phone  insurance cover which is now very easily available in many countries around the world and at cheaper rates.